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Welcome to Flowtest

Flowtest is an independent HVAC commissioning company with a company focus towards an unbiased, cleaner, greener, and more economical working environment for both occupants as well as owners of the buildings we work on.


Our professionalism is next to none with an aim to take a new or existing system to a high standard required for a healthy occupational environment, whilst also working efficiently to cause minimal amounts of disruption to businesses.


Flowtest is a completely mobile company servicing all of New South Wales, with technicians based throughout Sydney & the Blue Mountains.

Our Services


Balancing & Commissioning of air & water systems. As well as conduct inspections of mechanical & fire systems.


Flowtest will advise you of any non-compliance as well as rectification works required.


Once a thorough inspection is conducted we will provide you with a detailed report on your system.


Flowtest can provide you detailed reports as well as certification for Annual Fire Safety Statements.

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