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Routine Maintenance Inspections

Not only does Flowtest provide Balancing & Commissioning services, we also provide Routine Maintenance Inspections.

As per AS1851 all buildings must comply with routine service and preventative maintenance of fire protection systems & equipment.

These inspections are carried out monthly, quarterly, six monthly as well as annually to ensure that the reliability of your buildings protection systems are maintained to continue meeting requirements of approved design.

Critical Emergency Evacuation Systems

We will inspect your Emergency Evacuation System Elements to ensure accuracy to your building.

Exhaust Systems

We will test and inspect all exhaust systems at frequencies required by regulation to ensure they are performing to standard.

Fire Isolated Exits

We will inspect and provide extensive data regarding your pressurisation systems to ensure they perform to standard requirements.

Motor Control & Switchboards

Control centres and Switchboards need to be maintained as a critical resource - we will ensure they are looked after.

Base Line Data & Records

Baseline Data accumulated on all essential items to provide comprehensive reports over time to be used for reference on system performance.

Electric Heaters


We will inspect and service your electric heaters to ensure they are performing correctly with out impediments.

Fans & Motors

All fans will be inspected and serviced to ensure they are performing correctly and respond to correct initiation.

Fire protected Ducts

A careful inspection of your fire-protected ducts is required to ensure they are free of damage and up to regulatory requirement

Pneumatic Compressor/Receivers

It is vital that pneumatic systems are kept in good working condition, we can let you know that your systems are working.

Smoke & Heat Vents

A vent is a critical component of your protection system, we will ensure they are performing up to standard requirements.

Fire & Smoke Dampers

We will inspect your dampers in accordance with AS1851 to ensure they perform accurately and are free from obstruction.

Fire & Smoke Control

We will inspect and test your control systems to ensure that functionality of the system is as per standard regulation.

Intakes & Reservoirs

It is important that intakes are free from debris and reservoirs have not had any alterations. We will provide an extensive inspection.

Relief Openings

Relief openings are a critical component of fire safety, we can inspect all relief openings to ensure they are up to standard requirements.

System Changeover & Shutdown

You need to know that your systems can shut down and changeover appropriately, let us conduct a thorough inspection to ensure they are in satisfactory condition.

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