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Air & Water Balancing

Balancing of both water & air is the regulation of HVAC for supply, return and exhaust air, or the flow of water by the use of coils. By regulating such integral parts of commissioning, you are enabled to achieve a neutrally balance, comfortably conditioned building with efficiency and high air quality.


It is important that these key components are regulated to the highest standard to avoid discomfort, poor air quality and poor system performance.


Generally, all HVAC systems have significant benefits from regular balancing and inspection, although balancing can uncover an array of issues that can adversely affect the performance. Many issues are common problems that can be corrected swiftly and get your Air or Water system back on track to being beneficial to your building.

Our balancing technicians are able to balance and inspect the following systems to ensure you are getting accurate, efficient flow rates.

  • VAV Units.

  • Package Units.

  • Fan Coil Units.

  • Induction Systems.

  • Chilled Beams.

  • Air Handling Units.

  • Pressure Control regimes.

  • Variable & Constant Volume.

  • Kitchen Exhausts.

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Upon completion of balancing your Air or Water system, you will receive a comprehensive Balancing & Commissioning report with how the systems were commissioned, with any recommendations on how to remedy any system deficiencies. All Flowtest commissioning activities follow CIBSE & BSRIA guidelines to meet the project specific requirements and industry best practice.

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