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What is an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) and why do I need it?

Annual Fire Safety Statement is a certification otherwise known as AFSS and is a statutory requirement required by local Councils, NSW Fire & Rescue (NSWFR) as well as your buildings Insurance provider.


Issued yearly, your building will be required to be inspected and signed-off by relevant licensed contracting companies for submission to your local Council & NSWFR – Insurance providers may request a copy of your AFSS compliance also.

Failure to comply with having your building AFSS up to date may incur heavy fines issued by local councils as well as restrictions of use on the premises.


An AFSS certification will state that –

  • Essential components of the building’s fire safety measures have been inspected by an accredited (FPA) Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP) and found to be in good working condition.

  • The Fire & Essential services of the building are in compliance with the installation designs and have been tested, as well as maintained as per AS-1851, then confirming that all essential components operate to the applicable Australian Standards and Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

Image by Matt C
Image by Mitchell Luo

Since October 2017, AFSS’ are required to be completed by a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP). This is an independent accreditation provided by the Fire Protection Association of Australia.


Flowtest is an accredited and experienced company offering the services of a qualified CFSP for all your Annual Fire Safety Statement needs as well as maintenance packages.


Upon completion of an Annual Fire Safety inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report from Flowtest with detailed reports, images, plans, as well as recommended remediation and highlights any potential issues with your building if any.


Once your building is deemed to pass, Flowtest will provide a signed AFSS for your submission.

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