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Fire & Smoke Damper Certification

Forming part of the AFSS requirements, all building owners are required to have their building annually checked to ensure essential fire safety measures perform up to appropriate standards AS1851.

Fire and Smoke dampers form up an integral part of a buildings fire safety and are located within the ventilation ductwork systems.


A fire or smoke dampers key task in a fire is preventing the spread through the HVAC system to other parts of a building.

Picture of Curtain damper
Picture of external damper duct

Flowtest is an accredited CFSP and an undertake inspections and certification on your buildings fire & smoke dampers to ensure they are up to standard requirements, as well as in good working condition.


Flowtest will provide a detailed report of your fire & smoke dampers, as well as drawings, and remediation works that may need to be undertaken for your dampers to be compliant.

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