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Other services provided by Flowtest

Flowtest provides a variety of services for all HVAC needs.

Dilapidation Reports & Total building Surveys

  • Flowtest provides reports on existing systems ensuring any issues are picked up at the start of construction covering both the contractor and clients on existing issues which may not have been noticed until after a job is complete and commissioning starts.

  • Total building surveys are a key item when an older system is being updated to bring them into accordance with economic and sustainability practices for owners and building management clients. This is a key item before a BMCS upgrade or to examine the sometimes-lost HVAC systems over time.

Kitchen Exhaust system Commissioning

  • A kitchen ventilation system is a complex application of a HVAC system. The design of a kitchen ventilation system brings together aspects such as air conditioning, fire safety, ventilation, air distribution, and food service equipment all for commissioning. Balancing brings the many ventilation components together in a way that provides the most comfortable, efficient, and economical performance for each component and the entire system itself.

Plant Performance Testing

  • Performance testing provides the assurance that the system is operating at full potential. Testing of a plant system is to ensure that the individual components are integrated to operate on a system level as per the design intent and sequence of operations. The air handling system must also integrate effectively and efficiently with other system such as chillers, boilers, distribution pumps and terminal units.

Residential Commissioning

  • Poor construction and operation of the air distribution systems can cause comfort problems, poor indoor air quality and structural moisture problems, as well as wasted energy. Our aim is to provide a well-balanced system to ensure comfort is met and easy for hand over for the contractor and owners, with and on-going maintained successful system.

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