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Commissioning to Standards

You may find whilst the construction of your building that your ventilation systems may be required to comply with certain standards. Rest assured Flowtest is well versed in commissioning to these standards and will commission your systems up to performance requirements.

What is ASHRAE?

The standards from ASHRAE are the recognised standards for ventilation system designs and acceptable indoor air quality.

Standards from ASHRAE specify the minimum ventilation rates as well as other measures in order to reduce any health effects that could impact occupants of the building.


ASHRAE provides guidelines for uniform testing methods for all commissioning for rating purposes, recommended practices for installations and general guides for the HVAC industry.

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What is CIBSE?

CIBSE is the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and is a professional body that exists to promote the careers of building services by provision of accredited courses.


CIBSE provides authority on building services engineering with guidance and codes which are internationally recognised with a goal to create efficient buildings for society.

What is Greenstar?

Green Star was founded by Green Building Council of Australia in 2003 and is an internationally recognised rating system developed for the Australian environments. Green Star sets the standard for healthy buildings.


Green Star commissioning is required when a Green Star rating is to be achieved on new and updated systems. The introduction of the Green Building rating systems by Green Building Council Australia requires all buildings trying to achieve a green star rating to be commission to strict requirements and to follow CIBSE and ASHRAE commissioning codes.


Flowtest has successfully commissioned several Green Star projects, and offer Commissioning plans, T.A.B Manuals on dedicated systems, pre-commissioning reports on HVAC items and all Testing Adjusting and Balancing required to complete the job.

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